Social Change - Charity

MyScreenGuard growth over the last few years wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Indians who believed in the power of e-commerce to transform their lives. In the last few years , MyScreenGuard has volunteered and engaged in social work in their individual and collective capacities.  To contribute to the effort as an organization and to give back to India, MyScreenGuard has initiated its program as the Month of Giving. Over the years, MyScreenGuard has developed tools and resources, which will be deployed to help people in need through the official program.

MyScreenGuard aims to support those in need and contributeto help build a promising future for them. Besides donation drives, outreach programs, and employee-enabled on-ground initiatives, MyScreenGuard care will encompass the larger ecosystem of customers and sellers to participate in various initiatives to make a difference. Please reach our contact us section if you also want to be part of this initiative.